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All the services you need to keep your vehicle in top condition!

Our friendly and experienced team provide many preventative maintenance options and repairs. It's the most convenient way to keep your car healthy. From minor maintenance to major repairs, our team of experienced mechanics is ready to serve your needs. We know what we’re doing, and we’re dedicated to keeping you safe on the road.

Your satisfaction and your safety is our highest priority!


From head gasket to tailpipe, we’ve got you covered. We do all the repairs you need:

- Engine repair and replace

- Head gasket after overheating

- Radiator Repair/Replacement

Axle / CV Joint Repair (FWD)

- Automatic Transmission Repair

(Our diagnostic equipment can quickly tell us if you need a complete transmission rebuild or just some parts replacement. This can save you a lot of money!)

- Manual Transmission Repair

(Free diagnostic on any transmission related problem!)

- Clutch Repair Service

- Four Wheel Drive Systems

- AC & Heating System

Have a complete Air Conditioning assessment done.  This will let you know what is the condition of your A/C system.

- and much more...


For your safety, we provide only new tires with warranty. From 2 tires bought we offer the free rotation every 5 000 miles to assure a good use of your tires.

Tire Rotation and Balancing

Rotating and balancing your tires will increase tire life and reduce vibrations from uneven contact with the road.

We advise you if your car need a tire alignment. Adjust the position of your wheels permit to be align and parallel to each other. This will increase the life of your tires.

Tire Puncture Repair

A flat tire can usually be repaired. We'll be happy to get you up and rolling again.

We offer a free brakes and rotors inspection for any tire change!


Diagnosis and Evaluation Services:

We use the latest car diagnostic technology to provide high-quality service and quick turnaround. We have the latest modern equipment to diagnose and accurately repair your vehicle. Our diagnostic equipment is constantly updated automatically. The Check Engine Light can indicate any number of problems with your engine.

We propose different Pre-purchase inspection to secure your investment  when buying a used car:


- Basic: visual inspection (leaks, brake, rotor, lower control arm, serpentine belt, strut and shock, tire, battery, fluid level...)

- Intermediate: visual inspection &  driving test

- Full : visual inspection & driving test & diagnostic 



It's important to keep your brakes and rotors in good condition because it allow you to stop when you need it!

For your safety, we provide a free inspection of your brakes, rotors and calipers to be sure they are in good shape. 

To insure the long life of your brakes and rotors, we use top brands and quality parts. We also offer your rotors resurfacing for brake pads replacement if they need it.

We provide:


- Brake pads replacement

- Rotors resurfacing

- Rotors replacement ​

- Shoes replacement

- Drum replacement

- Brake flush

- Calipers replacement


We offer a free 20 points inspection with your oil change to make sure your car is going well.

We only use good brand and tested oil to assure the health of your engine.

Only if your vehicle needs, we also advise to replace the air filter and the cabin air filter.

We propose also:

- Brake Fluid Change

(We offer the brake fluid test !)

- Differential & Transmission Fluid Change

(Most vehicles should have their differential fluid replaced at 30,000 miles.)

- Power Steering Fluid Change

As professionals, we provide the same maintenance recommended by your car's manufacturer:

- 15,000 Mile Maintenance

- 30,000 Mile Maintenance

- 60,000 Mile Maintenance

- 90,000 Mile Maintenance

- 120,000 Mile Maintenance


We can provide a towing service with our partner to bring your car in our place.


We are here to help you the best as we can to save you time and paperwork with your insurance to repair your car the faster possible!


We have New Interstate batteries and FVP Batteries in stock and ready to go! We check your alternator for free.

If we don't have the type you need we also can order it and we'll get it in the hour!


Do not hesitate to give us a call before you come!

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